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Staff Profiles 2006

The Flagship Staff


Name: Ian the DJ

Age: 25 honest
Hobbies: Golf golf golf golf golf and looking out for the campest Saturday night shirts ever made in the world
Best night out: Gotta be when I ponced off to Barnsley
Best hangover cure: Garlic bread and Star Trek
Most famous customer: Ian Wooooooosman and Jean Luc Picard
Best tip: It's perfectly simple, I just can't quite remember it. Ah well.
Most likely to say: Drinks off the dance floor, they're not real, and it's 2-1 to Barnsley. Oh, and I have 1 last bottle of bubbly to give away for the biggest pair of... Well that's enough of Ian, I think.



Name: Cheddar Cheese

Bad habits: Playing bad records
Hobbies: Playing bad records
Best Night Out: Listening to bad records
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: I like Thai birds the best and I have tried everything....
Best hangover cure: horlicks
Most famous customer: George Best
Biggest tip: I'm lucky to get paid at all.
Fave drink: Tea, and I just have to say I love the Bee Gees


  Name: Tara

Age: 27
Bad Habits: Smoking but I am trying to give up
Hobbies: Yoga- keeping fit
Best night out: Dublin last year on St. Patricks Day. Truly a wild time!
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Chinese
Best hangover cure: Aspirin and quiet
Most famous customer: Les Battersby
Biggest tip: £14.50


  Name: Lidka

Age: 27
Bad Habits: Can not get out of bed
Hobbies: Cooking birdwatching and karate
Best night out: Last night with my boyfriend- we didn't go out.
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Indian
Best hangover cure: 12 hours sleep
Most famous customer: Ricky Hatton
Biggest tip: £10
Favourite drink: A pint of Dark Mild


  Name: Sarah

Bad Habits: Smoking and drinking
Hobbies: As above! He! He!
Best night out: Manchester all day session, then a good gig
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Good old Ruby Murry, the hotter the better
Best hangover cure: Ice lollies, seem to work for me
Most famous customer: Dave Spikey, Phoenix Nights
Biggest tip: £10
Favourite drink: Double Voddy and Coke



Name: Mark

Bad Habits: Kebab eating
Hobbies: Kebab eating
Best night out: Hong Kong
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Indian
Best hangover cure: Pint of lager
Most famous customer: Peter Kay
Biggest tip: Don't eat yellow snow
Favourite drink: J/B Whiskey



Name: Kasia

Bad Habits: Smoking
Hobbies: Dancing, Horse care
Best night out: Long time ago in Poland
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Indian
Best hangover cure: Work
Most famous customer:
Biggest tip: £25



Name: Annya

Bad Habits: Buying shoes, drinking too much
Hobbies: Shopping, reading, aerobics
Best night out: 21st in Poland
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: I prefer Italian
Best hangover cure: Raw eggs and a cold shower
Most famous customer: Roy Hattersly
Fave drink: Vodka



Name: Sarah

Bad Habits: I don't have any bad habits
Hobbies: Knitting and making cakes on my day off
Best night out: Manumichian in Ibiza last year
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Italian definitely
Best hangover cure: Don't stop drinking
Most famous customer: Some geezer out of Shameless. I think it was Frank Gallagher
Biggest Tip/Fave drink: WKD Blue



Name: Kerry

Bad Habits: Smoking, drinking, kebabs etc.
Hobbies: Smoking, drinking, kebabs etc.
Best night out: Preston last Tuesday night, can't say why
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Indian kebabs
Best hangover cure: Don't get out of bed
Most famous customer: A Ghandi lookalike
Biggest Tip/Fave drink: A pint of Guinness & Black £2.49



Name: Momo

Age: 28
Bad habits: Eating fast foods, smoking
Hobbies: Swimming, skiing, travelling, and my dog called Amery.
Best Night Out: In Lake District with my boyfriend
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Czech food.
Best hangover cure: All day in bed and somebody to look after me.
Most famous customer: Tyrone off Corrie.
Biggest tip: £25
Fave drink: White wine



Name: Andy

Age: 24
Bad habits: Lazy
Hobbies: Liverpool F.C.
Best Night Out: Take That in Sheffield
After a night out, Chinese or Indian: Indian
Best hangover cure: Cold bottle of Becks
Most famous customer: Frank Lampard
Biggest tip: 25 pence. It was a very good day.
Fave drink: Cold Becks

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