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Flagship - About Us
Staff of 2009

The Flagship door Staff
Sal's Door Team
Left To Right- Bernie, Sal, Cat, Daz, Steve & Kev

The Flagship bar staff
Bar Team 2009
Left To Right - Dot, Ceesay, Ronny, Tom Sophie, Hayley, Sam, Kelly, Chris, Janet, Liam, Matt, Debbie & Gaz

The Flagship Bouncers
Bar & Door Team With Resident Dj Ian Bradshaw


Name: Ebrima Ceesay

Age: 21
Bad Habits: Not Talking Alot
Hobbies: Breakdancing, Football, Socialising Etc...
Best Night Out: My 21st Birthday Whoop Whoop!!!!
Best Hangover Cure: Game Of Footy Or Break Dance Class
Most famous customer: Ricky Hatton
Best Drink To Serve: Archers & Lemonade
Best tip: £15
Ideal Man/Women: Hmmmmm Easy Going ( I Don't Know)
Favourite Drink: Archers
Most Embarrassing Moment: Don't Think I've Had Any (Thats Me Boring!!)


Name: Chris

Age: 21
Bad Habits: Drinking Too Much Not Remembering The Night Before
Hobbies: Watching Footy, Playing Pool
Best Night Out: Blackpool
Best Hangover Cure: Stella
Most famous customer:
Best Drink To Serve: Archers & Lemonade
Best tip: Use Protection!!
Ideal Man/Women: Fit As!
Favourite Drink: Stella
Most Embarrassing Moment: Mate Pulling Down My Trousres When Chatting To A Girl At A Bar


Name: Dorota Perzyk

Age: 28
Bad Habits: Smoking
Hobbies: Dancing
Best Night Out: Last Night Out
Best Hangover Cure: Orange Juice
Most famous customer: Gary Fox
Best Drink To Serve: Double Vodka & Coke
Best tip: £3.50
Ideal Man/Women: Johnny Depp
Favourite Drink: Corona
Most Embarrassing Moment: ?


Name: Hayley

Age: 25
Bad Habits: Grinding My Teeth
Hobbies: Swimming And Drinking Lots Of Alcohol
Best Night Out: In Manchester
Best Hangover Cure: Plenty Of Sleep
Most famous customer:
Best Drink To Serve: Anything In A Bottle
Best tip:
Ideal Man/Women:
Favourite Drink: Malibu And Coke
Most Embarrassing Moment:


Name: Janet

Age: 18
Bad Habits: Swearing
Hobbies: Reading
Best Night Out: 18th Birthday
Best Hangover Cure: Ice Lollies
Most famous customer:
Best Drink To Serve: Jack Daniels
Best tip:
Ideal Man/Women: Will Smith
Favourite Drink: Jack Daniels
Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling Over Infront Of Everyone


Name: Kelly

Age: 24
Bad Habits: None!
Hobbies: Drinking
Best Night Out: 2 Many To Remember
Best Hangover Cure: Banana Milkshake
Most famous customer:
Best Drink To Serve: Half A Lager
Best tip: £3.50
Ideal Man/Women: Ll Cool J
Favourite Drink: Passoa & Fresh Orange
Most Embarrassing Moment:


Name: Liam

Age: 20
Bad Habits: Trying To Cook When I've Had A Few Drinks
Hobbies: Football
Best Night Out: Blackpool
Best Hangover Cure: More Alcohol You Can't Go Wrong!
Most famous customer: You Name Them I've Served Them!
Best Drink To Serve: Cider
Best tip: Always Wear A Condom
Ideal Man/Women: Body To Die For, Great In Bed, Good Looking
Favourite Drink: Bulmers Pear
Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting Caught With My Trollies Down


Name: Matt

Age: 21
Bad Habits: Sitting Like A Parrot (Pieces Of Eight!!!)
Hobbies: Pecking My Mirror
Best Night Out: Tache
Best Hangover Cure: Another Beer
Most famous customer:
Best Drink To Serve:
Best tip:
Ideal Man/Women: Taylor Swift Or Tweety Pie?
Favourite Drink: Mojito
Most Embarrassing Moment: Parents Walking In During Sex!!! Also All I'm Going To Say Is Lassie! A Few People Know What I Mean


Name: Ronny Tsang A.K.A Bruce Lee A.K.A Jet Li A.K.A Jackie Chan

Age: 19
Bad Habits: Snoring
Hobbies: Breakdancing
Best Night Out: Hong Kong 18th Birthday
Best Hangover Cure: Sleeep
Most famous customer: None
Best Drink To Serve: Jager Bomb
Best tip: 1p
Ideal Man/Women: Eva Mendez
Favourite Drink: I Don't Drink
Most Embarrassing Moment: Fell Over In Walkabout, Cause My Foot Was Stuck To The Floor Due To Sticky Dried Up Beer


Name: Sam

Age: 27
Bad Habits: Smoking
Hobbies: Drinking & Belly Dancing
Best Night Out: Liverpool
Best Hangover Cure: Start Drinking Again
Most famous customer: Mark Owen
Best Drink To Serve: Guinness
Best tip: £20
Ideal Man/Women: Jason Strathem
Favourite Drink: Stella
Most Embarrassing Moment: Trying To Put On My Pj's When Drunk And I Put Both Legs In The Same Trouser Leg And Fell On The Floor Flapping Around Like A Fish!!


Name: Sophie

Age: 22
Bad Habits: Picking My Nose
Hobbies: Sex!!! Lots Of It!!!
Best Night Out: Xmas Works Do
Best Hangover Cure: More Alcohol
Most famous customer: My Mum
Best Drink To Serve: Cheeky Vimto
Best tip: Never Pull A Willy Wave In Public
Ideal Man/Women: Paul Walker
Favourite Drink: Dark Rum & Coke
Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling Off A Tredmill At The Gym. Oh And Having 2 Of My Friends Pull Up My Skirt On The Stage In Walkabout (Hayley & Cat!!!)


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